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The sun is just coming up; you are peacefully asleep, or at least nearly so. You quietly
get up to check on your little one or listen to the baby monitor. Yes, your baby
is sleeping blissfully. You can fall asleep again, for a few more hours…
But do you remember what it was like not so long ago?
You were falling to sleep when your baby’s cry jolted you awake. You got up, half-asleep, and went to the crib. Her eyes were wide open and she cried and cried… You took her in your arms and did everything possible to calm her down and get her back to sleep. But not long afterwards the whole cycle repeated itself, again and again and again… You had already stopped counting how many times a night it would happen. You were at the end of your rope, on the verge of a nervous breakdown: desperate, tired, sleep-deprived and incredibly irritable.
Your eyes were full of tears; your heart was heavy and your mind was full of questions:
Why doesn’t she sleep through the night? Why is it that other babies sleep, but mine
wakes up so often? What is wrong? What am I doing wrong? Many more questions and
doubts filled your head until it felt like it would to explode... Do you remember?
Your pediatrician assured you that your baby was healthy. Other parents looked at you with surprise; their children slept well at night. Some of them told you to leave her to cry, and that when she got tired she would fall asleep by herself. But how could you let her cry? So tiny and helpless ... your heart broke listening to her...
It became clear that something was wrong and needed to change. So you began searching for a solution. Everyone else sympathized with you and willingly offered their advice. You tried many different things, all without success.

Then you found this course.

And it was the right place!


  • We don't promise miracles, but REAL WORKING STRATEGIES AND PRACTICES, proven
    effective by real parents;
  • The ideas that we share focus on the WELL-BEING OF CHILDREN just AS MUCH AS THAT OF PARENTS;
  • Our course enables parents to MONITOR their children’s PROGRESS;
  • We provide practical tips to SUPPORT YOU ON YOUR PATH;
  • We empower parents to BUILD GOOD AND USEFUL SLEEP HABITS for their children that have future benefits, as well;
  • RESULTS can be achieved WITH lots of LOVE AND WITHOUT TEARS;
You trusted us. You made the change. Your child now enjoys a peaceful night’s sleep, and so do you. You can finally enjoy parenthood...
Sound impossible? You might be so tired and anxious that you think change is unattainable. Remember that THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS your DESIRE TO CHANGE. Don’t give up when you face difficulties along the way.
That being said, this course is not for everyone.

It is not for you if:

  • Your child does not have sleep problems;
  • You do not believe that change is possible;
  • You do not believe in your own ability to make this change;
  • You believe that there is a magic solution to your problem.
However, if:

  • Your child does have sleep problems;
  • You have the WILL AND DESIRE to change the current problematic situation;
  • You want to achieve this with gentle care for your little one;
  • You want to create good habits that will also help her in the future; and
  • You are convinced that RIGHT NOW is the time to start.....
….. this course is for you!!!

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Why our
customers it
You can read feedback from those who have trusted us and made
the change.
Continue and discover
Continue and discover
Want to be among
those happy parents?
Trust us, and start working towards a change: one that
is long-lasting and can be achieved through LOVE; WITHOUT
TEARS, STRESS or FRUSTRATION. That is the kind of change
we offer in this course!
Are you
ready to get started?
Take this course NOW! ACHIEVE YOUR DREAM for
your baby to sleep through the night, and get some peaceful
nights for yourself, while you’re at it.
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