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Night-Night Sleep Tight





Giving the gift of life is probably the most magical feeling that a person can live through! The most incredible experience that one can have: bringing home your bundle of joy after months of anticipation; holding the baby in your arms—feeling her touch and giving her your warmth, love and protection. Isn’t it amazing?

Yes, truly it is; raising a child is an exceptional joy.

But with that also come problems like tiredness, irritability, exhaustion and sometimes even despair. It seems as if nothing can ever be the same again, as though the sleepless nights will never end…

Truthfully, some babies do just sleep well from a very early age; it seems they were born with that ability. And their parents don’t feel the pressure of frequent night awakenings. And, naturally, they don’t need courses like this one. But it’s just not the same with other children. They’re unable to consolidate their sleep on their own, so they wake up frequently. This doesn’t only happen during their first few months, when frequently waking up is normal, but they continue struggling long after that, sometimes for years… These children need our help—we must give it to them with lots of patience and love.

If you’re here, it’s likely that your child falls into the second category and that you’ve already faced the problem. But, of course, you’re not alone. According to statistics, between 40% and 60% of babies under two years of age wake up at least once per night. Sure, this probably doesn’t make you feel any better—but don’t give up hope just yet!   

We’ve created this course especially for you, so we can lend you a hand and help you out. That’s why we discuss many different aspects of the problem; we also offer a variety of useful ideas and tipsas well as plenty of proven techniques and strategies for youYou’ll use them to help your little one develop proper sleeping habits that will guarantee peaceful nights for her and for yourself without stress or tears. Once you’re calm and well-rested, you’ll be able to devote yourself more to caring for your child; you’ll also enjoy parenthood a lot more. Babies prefer moms and dads to be relaxed and happy, rather than exhausted.    

We know how tired you must be right now and how much work still lies ahead. We know how important your baby’s care is to you and that you don’t have much time to waste. That’s why this course HAS A PRACTICAL, FOCUSED APPROACH. At the same time, though, we can’t offer you any miracles, nor do we want to make you believe that you can magically wave the problem away in one night. As nice as that sounds, it’s just not possible. On the contrary—you’ll have to work hard to help your baby build new sleeping habits. But remember that the process in itself will be beneficial for you in the long run—ABSOLUTELY! So gather up all your patience and persistence, and don’t give up in the face of challenges along the way.

Now, what can you expect from this course?

Module 1 covers the aspects of sleep in babies from 4 to 24 months old. There you’ll learn about the preconditions for better sleep. Furthermore, we’ll talk about a baby’s biological clock and how to help her start differentiating day from night. We also discuss establishing routines and predictability, including bedtime rituals and why they’re important for good sleep. We offer you a variety of practical tips on what else you can do to help your little one sleep better.

Module 2 is dedicated to SLEEP ASSOCIATIONS and how to deal with the most common problems behind frequent awakening among 4 to 24 month old children. DON’T SKIP THIS PART! You can even start here, if you like.  

In this module you’ll find out what sleep associations are, how they develop and which of them lead to sleep problems. We offer you practical, proven strategies and solutions to help your baby replace problematic associations with good ones. These will help you ensure that your child can consolidate her sleep. You’ll also discover additional techniques to efficiently support the lasting change you’ve been yearning for—peaceful nights. Other situations which require your careful intervention are also discussed.

All the techniques and strategies shared here are based on our belief that change must be gradual; by making small steps with a lot of patience, understanding and love, we can avoid tantrums and frustration.

Module 3 will help you better understand how babies sleep, and in what ways they sleep differently than adults do. We discuss the cycle of sleep and its stages; we talk about the characteristics of each stage in detail, then how to put all that into practice to help babies sleep better; last but not least, we have a look at why babies need to sleep so much.

Module 4 is dedicated to the safety precautions children up to 2 years old need. There, we answer the following questions: How do we make sure a baby’s environment is safe? What are the main safety considerations for a baby’s room and crib with its contents, including the mattress? And what should we understand about co-sleeping? We also discuss Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and present other reasons behind the horrifying statistics, then add some additional, important rules for ensuring young children’s safety.

We’ve included numerous worksheets to help you keep track of your progress and stay motivated when you see the positive changes taking place.

For a sense of fun and variety, we offer a handful of bonus tips.  

But it doesn’t stop there: we also have a very special bonus gift for you—2 previously unpublished night-night poems! These were lovingly written for children by children; they are illustrated and ready to be printed out and read aloud!  


Perhaps now it seems too good to be true that your baby will start sleeping well, without waking up throughout the night. Maybe you’re not convinced it could ever happen. Stay with us and give it a try! Many desperate parents have trusted us already, and have been rewarded with the peaceful nights of their dreams. They have also shared their experiences here. See what they have to say in Discover your success stories.

We hope that you will trust us, too, and achieve YOUR OWN SUCCESS STORY to share with us. Share your successful experience so that you can help others and encourage them towards the path to change. That way more families will also enjoy peaceful nights and have a lot more to smile about!  

We wish you success in your pursuit! We can’t wait to see you here again.  

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